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‘The prohibition of the use of force in Article 2(4) of the UN Charter is a strict one, and calls to widen the scope of self-defence should be resisted.’ Discuss.

Article 2(4) encompasses the customary international law of prohibition on use of force, with self-defence as a contentious exception to the principle. This essay will argue that: (1) Article 2(4) is a strict prohibition, (2) discuss arguments in favour of the statement and (3) discuss arguments challenging the statement. Overall, it can be concluded that widening the scope of self-defence could lead to abuses of power and uncertain laws, and therefore calls to expand the scope of the exception should be resisted.  Article 2(4), as confirmed in the Nicaragua case, is a rule of customary international law, applying to all states. It is a “cornerstone of the United Nations Charter” (Armed Activities) that prohibits the “threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state”. There are two exceptions to this strict prohibition. Firstly, the Security Council’s power under Chapter VII to authorise force and secondly, the right to invoke self-defence


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