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5 tips for Writing effective responses for Training contract and Vacation Scheme applications.

On average, each candidate has a 1-3% chance of securing a training contract with a city law firm. That means close to 100 people are vying for each training contract. Assuming you have secured the requisite grades, you need to convince the Graduate Recruitment team to pick up your application amongst scores of other equally competent candidates. Here’s how.  1.   Your application is reader-friendly.  The importance of writing clearly, concisely, and grammatically is self-explanatory. This is not a high bar. The general rule is less is more: sentences should be less than 20 words, if possible. Each paragraph should be signposted and discuss a discrete point. Writing three main points to each prompt is a good gauge. Crucially, a good response does not simply state but explains and expounds on the “whys” of your main point.  2.   You are interested in becoming a solicitor at a particular firm.  A common way applicants demonstrate their interest in becoming a solicitor at a particular fir

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