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Jurisprudence & Legal Theory - A Marxist Reflection

The work of Karl Marx has been a valuable asset to jurisprudence and more importantly; to the overall development of the law. It has been re-interpreted by the likes of Evgeny Pashukanis and the french jurist, Louis Althusser. Karl Marx observed in his writings in 'Das Capital' that our position in society is determined economically 'economic determinism'. The material conditions of life as affected by those social factors where a ruling class whom he called the 'bourgeoise' own the means of production. According to Marx, these property relations form the base which is supported by the superstructure such as law, education and religion which are subsequently used to provide for the exploitation of the working class, whom he called the 'proletariats'.  Critics have pointed out that this is a very cynical and naive view of society and how dialectical materialism affects class struggles. So where does the law and the science of law (jurisprudence) c