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Piercing the Corporate Veil: The Supreme Court has Spoken (2013).

Perhaps the first case any law student taking the company law module will ever be introduced to is that of Salamon v Salamon & Co Ltd (1897) . Salamon represented a unanimous decision to uphold the doctrine of corporate personality. What is the corporate personality doctrine? The doctrine established that an incorporated company has a distinct identity from its shareholders (members) and, therefore, must be dealt with and sued in its own name. Before the anti-capitalists uproar at the idea of a distinct corporate personality, its merits should be explored. For many years to date, the doctrine has facilitated the expansion of business activity by allowing those with little or limited capital, or those lacking an unlimited appetite for risk, the comfort to invest in an incorporated company in the knowledge that should the company fall insolvent or obtain some legal liability against itself it will not be possible for the shareholder to be pursued. Thus, the corporate perso

Large and Medium-sized Companies and Groups Regulations 2013 - A Step in the Right Direction?

So, it’s time for our first law-related blog post and what better a place to start than a topic very dear to my heart? With an article due to be published in a 2014 edition of the European Business Law Review and numerous personal blog posts on a previous matter, coupled with the 2013 Regulations, the issue of directors’ remuneration seems like the perfect place to begin. To start with a little context; it has become increasingly common for journal articles and all others forms of media to begin by referring to the most recent global recession and I shall pay respect to this recent trend. The recession heightened pre-existing tensions in relation to the salaries taken home by directors of public companies. The crude summary is that whilst thousands of jobs have been axed at the lower end of the pay scale (for example the thousands of redundancies within the commercial and retail arms of RBS) in a bid to “reduce costs and save money” the high-earning company directors of the same

Private Law Tutoring Evolution

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