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How has State sovereignty been affected by the increased involvement in international law of Inter-governmental Organisations, Non-governmental Organisations, Multinational Corporations, and Individuals?

International law has originated and evolved as a law made by the sovereign states and meant to be applied to sovereign states.  The position until the beginning of the 18 th century was that the States were the only entities that even had international legal personality.  In essence, this meant that only States were capable of accepting obligations to other States and enforcing their rights against them. If we look at it very closely, even today states enjoy the most complete form of international personality recognised by international law.  And it is this original legal personality which has led to the derivation of other legal personality, if they have any, under international law. [1] We must confess that increased globalisation and trade along with changing social attitudes have had a marked effect on international law. In 1949 [2] , the International Court of Justice recognised that international organisations too could have international personality. This was a new and un