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Is Freedom of expression so important and essential for the functioning of a democracy that there should be no limits to it?

Freedom of expression is one of the basic rights ascribed to any member living in a democratic society 1 . The litmus test for efficient measurements of a society’s development is the extent to which the citizens of those nations are able to practice free expression. However, in an autocratic regime this right is conspicuously absent, where a free press, freedom of speech and other similar rights, which could in some way criticize the sitting government, are effectively blocked. Conversely, the idea around which a democratic nation revolves is enforcing the right to free speech and expression, defending it and ensuring its continued development 2 . The importance of freedom of speech is not limited just to democracies; it is also a right that is essential to every human being if they are to be free to form their own opinions and discuss and propagate these opinions without coercion. However, there are boundaries to freedom of expression that even democratic countries impose. The

Describe the essential normative justifications of slavery that are to be found in medieval theology.

As a social concept, the participation in slavery has achieves different views according to different cultures. Even modern in the realms of modern-day slavery, which does still exist, certain cultures consider the participation in slavery to be nothing more than that which is inherent within a class structure and race structure. 1 It remains, in some cultures, the accepted norm. With a consideration of the many instances of slavery that have taken place during the medieval era, this essay concludes that several justifications can be expounded for the proliferation of slavery, including slavery, religion, and bankruptcy. An incredibly brief consideration of modern and contemporary slavery shows that whilst it is likely that some of the medieval justifications are still used by those who exploit human beings today, the landscape has changed for slavery and, as sex trafficking grows across the world, the justifications put forward for slavery in the modern world relate more towards sexua